Maine Woodsman (Level 2)

Ages 12 – 14

mw_patchTypically, these campers experience a week in the woods learning the basics of outdoor living: building their own shelters, outdoor cooking to sustain themselves, working on their mapping skills, treating more advanced first aid issues (fainting, stomach aches, sprains), developing an awareness and appreciation of the outdoors, as well as perfecting their water-based skills—canoe paddling, fishing, fish identification, and more.

The Maine Woodsman program is taught by experienced instructors in a Maine camp. The curriculum may be completed in one season, or may be spread over longer periods of time, depending upon the age and skill of the young people who are participating. Award badges are presented for successful completion of these units.

The Junior Maine Guide level requires a candidate to have completed the Junior Maine Woodsman and Maine Woodsman levels (or equivalent).

Goal of the Maine Woodsman Level

Individual Maine camps offer instruction and testing on each module to certify campers for the Level 2 Maine Woodsman patch, and to prepare them for the 3rd and final level training of JMG.

Modules & Areas of Evaluation – Maine Woodsman

15 Skills Testing Modules lead towards earning the Maine Woodsman patch. (Modules are same as Junior Maine Woodsman, but at a more advanced level.)

  1. Tool Craft
  2. Canoeing
  3. Individual Shelter
  4. Map & Compass
  5. Map of Maine
  6. Trip Equipment
  7. First Aid/Wilderness First Aid
  8. Cooking
  1. Group Encampment
  2. Maine Issues & Environmental Concerns
  3. Fire Building
  4. Trees
  5. Hiking & Backpacking
  6. Leave No Trace Camping
  7. Outdoor Living Skills

Methods of Evaluation: Oral Tests, skills tests, written tests, according to individual camp’s philosophy.

Length of Time Required: Varies due to length of camp session & age. Can be completed in one summer, or over several summers.

For more information: Contact Spencer Ordway, Chairman of the JMG Committee, Camp Winona, 207-647-3721 (email:, Moose Curtis at 207-928-2107 (email: or the MSC office.