Bill Southwick

Bill Southwick became a JMG in 1981 from Camp O-AT-KA, following his sister, who was a JMG from Camp Bendito.

He has a daughter and two nieces who are JMGs from Camp Arcadia, and his son, an O-AT-KA camper, completed the program in 2015.

After bringing candidates to testing camp for several years, Bill joined the JMG staff in 1991. He worked as a camp trip leader at Camp O-AT-KA for many years and served as O-AT-KA camp director from 2007 to 2011.

When not in the woods, Bill is the Associate Director of Advancement at Dexter Southfield School, a PK-12 independent school just outside of Boston.

Bill believes the JMG program is one of the few places in our culture where adolescents are able to make independent decisions and take responsibility for their actions in meaningful ways.