Carrie Curtis

Carrie Curtis grew up participating in outdoor adventures with her parents and older sister, Katie, also a JMG tester. Many of her favorite childhood memories are of being in a canoe, on top of a mountain, or camping with her family.

Carrie became a JMG in 2000 through a small group with Hebron Academy. During her high school and college summers she was a camp counselor at Camp Susan Curtis.

Carrie graduated from Colby College and later attended graduate school at Smith School for Social Work. Carrie currently is a social worker at Fryeburg Academy and has helped lead some trips with students through the Outdoor Learning and Research Center.

In her free time she loves hiking, snowshoeing, or running up Jockey Cap. Carrie's favorite canoe trip is the Allagash and favorite hike is Mt. Osceola from the Greeley Pond trail.

Carrie has been a JMG tester for four summers and her favorite part of testing is mealtime (blueberry pancakes are an ultimate favorite!)