Gard Thompson

Gard Thompson became a JMG while a camper at Camp O-AT-KA in Sebago in the mid-1950s, and has been involved with the program ever since. He calls his JMG passion “a hobby, an avocation and a vocation.”

In addition to being a long-time JMG tester, Gard has spent many summers over the past five decades on various Maine camp staffs teaching JMG skills to youngsters preparing for test camp. He believes the JMG program fosters essential self-reliance and independence in its participants.

A Maine elementary school teacher for 30 years, Gard continues to enjoy outdoor living in Maine. He is a day hiker, a cross-country skier, and a volunteer at the Wells Reserve. Gard’s adage: “if you’re handy with a canoe paddle, an axe, and a frying pan, you can cope with a lot in life.”