Katie Curtis

Katie Curtis became a JMG in 1998 with a group from Hebron Academy and has been a JMG staff member since 2012. She also teaches the JMG program at the Bryant Pond 4-H camp. Katie calls the JMG experience transformational, and takes great pleasure in teaching JMG skills and then stepping back during test camp and watching campers demonstrate their confidence and knowledge.

During the school year Katie teaches math at the Dublin School in Dublin, NH. She also coaches crew and cross-country, lives in a girls’ dorm and leads outing club trips. Prior to joining the Dublin School faculty, Katie taught geology and environmental science on Cape Cod. She has also conducted research on rivers throughout the U.S. for the Army Corp of Engineers, and says her passion for rivers’ role in the landscape began with the many canoe trips she took as a youngster in Maine.

Today she usually spends her free time outdoors, hiking, snowshoeing, or paddling with her dog, Kineo.