Lindley Brainard

From the time Lindley learned about the JMG program at age 10, she knew it would be an important part of her life. Her years of training with Cliff Parsons at Camp Arcadia were among her most memorable, and also helped shape and direct her passion and respect for nature and the out-of-doors in a way she never could have imagined as a teenager.

After receiving her JMG certification in 2001, she returned to Camp Arcadia in 2005 to train new candidates. She calls joining the JMG testing staff in 2014 a “dream come true.”

Lindley believes the JMG program provides teens with a rare and unique experience to live and work with a group of peers in a fun but high stress environment, without adults there to tell them what to do. The program demands that candidates take responsibility for themselves and others, step up to the task at hand, and work together to have a successful week. Every summer Lindley is astounded and impressed by the transformations she witnesses in the campers she works with.

Although she cannot teach JMG year-round, Lindley has found ways to keep the skills she learned years ago alive and vibrant in her life. She is a furniture maker and woodworker professionally, uses her tool craft and tree knowledge on a daily basis, and is always seeking new adventures in the out-of-doors, whether canoeing or kayaking, or hiking with her dog, Moqui.