Ron Fournier

Ron has been involved with the JMG program since 2007 and has been a tester since 2009. Former, Director of the Bryant Pond 4-H camp (2007 – 2021), Ron looks forward each year to the camp’s four-week immersion program as well as to meeting youngsters from all over the country at the JMG encampment.

In addition to his role as a camp director, Ron is a Registered Maine Guide. He owns and operates Orion Outfitters and Guide Service in Mason Township, Maine, spending countless hours in the woods and on the water connecting people of all ages to the outdoors.

Ron finds the transformation in JMGs inspiring, particularly because participants are youngsters who still desire to be outdoors. He appreciates that they challenge themselves to take on the commitment of preparing for JMG testing, to strive to attain a unique skill set, and then to pass those skills on throughout their lifetimes.

Ron spends his free time outdoors as well, sharing those adventures with his wife, four children, and granddaughter.