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A life-changing youth program teaching enjoyable and healthy outdoor experiences, while fostering personal development…

The Junior Maine Guide Program is a uniquely Maine and legendary wilderness camping skills program designed to foster rewarding, enjoyable and healthy outdoor living experiences for youth ages 9 – 18. Its progressive curriculum of 15+ skillsets is aimed at not only teaching campers to be self-reliant but to cultivate their respect for the environment.

JMGs learn how to take a leading role in safe, fun and leave-no-trace trip planning, and master such skills as: axemanship, canoeing, shelter and fire building, map making and identification skills, equipment planning, food preparation, first aid, tree identification, wilderness regulations and more.

Offered by various Maine summer camps, the JMG certification program of well-established outdoor leadership skills can lay the groundwork for later training and certification for a Maine Trip Leader permit, as well as provide a lifetime of enjoyment living in concert with nature in the Maine wilderness.

  • How Can I Participate?

    Select Boys, Girls and Co-Ed camps are qualified to offer the JMG program to its campers.


  • JMG 2016 Highlights

    13 out of 15 second year candidates passed

    15 out of 53 first year candidates passed




  • 2017 Encampment Dates

    Junior Maine Guide Testing Encampment
    (Level 3)

    Date: Monday, July 23 to Friday, July 27, 2018
    Location: Stephen Phillips Preserve,
    Oquossoc (Rangeley), Maine


  • Alumni Spotlight

    Bruce McDonald may be a vice president with Coca-Cola in Atlanta, but the JMG program is never far from his mind. Today, almost 35 years since earning his JMG certification as a camper at Camp Winona, Bruce says the program created a passion for outdoor learning...