2017 JMG Camp Report

Even though the pass rate was low, the JMG examiners thought that this year’s JMG Camp was a successful one. Both the candidates and their counselors had a positive attitude and were focused on the tasks at hand.

The counselor staff from the camps were an outstanding group. They were mature, good leaders and gave their candidates good guidance. In many ways, it is the counselors that help to set the tone for the week, and this group was outstanding.

Like last year we had 68 JMG candidates this year. 

moose1Camps and # Candidates

  • Camp Arcadia - 6
  • Birch Rock Camp - 6
  • Bryant Pond - 15
  • Camp Kawanhee - 7
  • Natarswi - 10
  • Camp O-At-Ka - 1
  • Camp Runoia - 10
  • Camp Winona - 5
  • Wyonegonic Camps - 8

The passing totals looked like this:

13/15 of the second year candidates passed.

13/53 first year candidates passed.

This made a total of 28/68 candidates become Junior Maine Guides for a passing rate of 38%. This is slightly lower than the 7-year pass rate of 46%.

2009 – 29

2010 – 38

2011 – 26

2012 – 31

2013 – 38

2014 – 35

2015 -  32

2016 - 26

2017 - 26

Overall, the JMG staff thought that the camps were well prepared, and the candidates represented their camps well. Thank you all for supporting our program, and a special thanks to Ron Hall for all he does for JMG.

The candidates continue to enjoy our campfire speaker programs. JMG Camp hosted the following speakers:

  • On Monday evening, Dr. Peter Kallim of Belgrade joined us. He spoke on the natural history of the Rangeley area. He mentioned the land formation from the glaciers to the present; species development of both plants and animals; the role of trees to our habitat, and the development of the area’s fisheries.
  • On Tuesday evening retired warden John Ford and retired state trooper Mark Nickerson, who are both authors, gave a wonderful presentation on stories about their careers.
  • Our Thursday evening the speaker was DIF&W biologist Liz Thorndike from the state fishery in Strong. She discussed how the department monitors the fish in the area and restocking programs.
  • Our final program was from the Border Patrol. They talked about their job, the equipment they had and had an active question and answer session.

Advice for future JMG Candidates

  • Time management
  • Study (make sure you read the new book) and practice
  • Don’t stress too much (just a healthy amount)
  • Enjoy the experiences

Special thanks to the JMG staff for the time and energy they devote to making the JMG program so exceptional. They are an amazing dedicated group who keep returning to JMG Camp summer after summer. All are JMGs or Maine Guides – or both!