Jr. Maine Guide (Level 3)

Ages 14 – 18

Participants must have completed levels 1 & 2 or the equivalent at their camps.

jmg_patchCampers typically work on honing their outdoor living skills for several weeks prior to going to the JMG test camp where their skills are observed and tested. Becoming a certified JMG is a rigorous process, where campers must demonstrate their ability to live comfortably in the wilderness and to care for a group of people successfully – without disturbing the natural environment beyond need. In addition qualifying campers must demonstrate maturity and ability to accept and assume the responsibility of outdoor leadership.

It’s hard, rewarding and fun work that is driven by a camper’s previous training in outdoor camping and an experience that translates into self-respect, independence, life-long friendships and a life-long appreciation for the Maine wilderness.

Goal of the Junior Maine Guide Level

Candidates will attend a 5-day encampment with their camps and be tested on the JMG modules.

Areas of Evaluation – Junior Maine Guide

Major Areas

  1. Axemanship
  2. Canoeing
  3. Individual Shelter
  4. Individual Fireplace
  5. Topographic Map
  6. Map of Area
  7. Map of Maine
  8. Trip Equipment
  9. First Aid/Wilderness First Aid
  10. Cooking
  11. Group Encampment

Minor Areas

  1. Maine Issues & Environmental Concerns
  2. Fire Building/Wet Day Fire
  3. Trees
  4. Hiking / Backpacking
  5. Equipment Knowledge
  6. Environment Concerns
  7. Leave No Trace Camping
  8. Wilderness Regulations
  9. General Knowledge
  10. Wildlife Identification

Methods of Evaluation

Oral tests, skills tests, written tests, during the encampment, scored by JMG testers.

Click here to see photos of Testing Camp.

The Junior Maine Guide Patch is only available after successful completion of the JMG test camp. They are sent to participating camps to be awarded after the final test scores have been tallied.

For more information: Contact Spencer Ordway, Chairman of the JMG Committee, Camp Winona, 207-647-3721 (email: thebat@winonacamps.com), Moose Curtis at 207-928-2107 (email: mr.moose675@gmail.com) or the MSC office.