2016 Highlights

2016 Statistics

  • 13out of 15 of the second year candidates passed
  • 15 out of 53 first year candidates passed
  • Total: 28 out of 68 candidates passed, a 48.6% passing rate

Highlights of Test Camp 2016

  • Overall this was a younger and more inexperienced group than we have tested in recent years.
  • John Albert and Jeff Bottcher of the U.S. Border Patrol visited Thursday evening.
  • JMG counselors toured the Heritage Museum

Read the full 2016 JMG Camp Report

All Photos courtesy Sean Alonzo Harris

Evening speakers:

  • Maine Warden, Scott Stevens, Eustis, ME
  • Roger Lambert, Maine Guide and Storyteller, Strong, ME
  • U.S. Border Patrol members

Thank you to staff for another great year!